Teacher Training
Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)

Early childhood years (i.e. 0-6 yrs) are considered very critical in the life span of human development since the rate of development in these years is more rapid than at any other stage of development. Global brain research also informs us about the significance of early years for brain development.

The need for Early Childhood Care and Education Course (ECCE) was recognized by the National Policy on Education (1986), which was revised in 1992

Early Childhood Education is an enrichment ECCE course for both working and non-working women. The demand for preschool education has increased tremendously these days. Therefore, Early Childhood Care and Education Programs aims at training aspiring teachers, homemakers and collegians who wish to take up teaching as a profession, and also entrepreneurs who desire to set up a preschool, early childhood centre, activity club, toy library etc. In-service teachers can also upgrade their teaching skills by enrolling this early childhood care and education programs.

Duration: One Year.

Age Bar: There is no age bar. Anyone above the age of 18 is eligible.

Eligibility: Anyone with 10+2 level qualification or above is welcome.

Documents Required: Passing certificate or mark sheet of your highest qualification.

Medium of instruction: English (through Book 1, Book 2 and year long information through emails.)

Scheme of Evaluation: Theory, Assignments, Lesson Planning and Execution & Practical Work.

Format: Distance Education / Correspondence.

Fees: Rs. 10,000/-

For further details, contact: 9820120391 or giggleberryedu@gmail.com