Workshops for Children

Phonics is a method of teaching children to 'read' with the help of sounds (phonetics). It enables proper English pronunciations and spellings resulting in strong communication capabilities.

English Speech & Communication Programme

A carefully constructed, progressive, drama syllabus is here which enables students to develop:
• Enthusiasm and a positive approach to life
• Confidence
• Self-esteem
• Skill in verbal communication
• Effective social interaction
• Concentration & Listening Skills
• Language Development
• Emotions & Imagination
• Skill in non-verbal communication

Drama is a powerful medium to teach speech, communication skills and personal development. Children not only learn to express themselves better, they also get equipped to take on the world.

The international curriculum encompasses activities, designed to develop the imagination and creativity in children. Children who are shy gain confidence and learn to express themselves fluently, whereas the extroverts learn to channelize their energy into controlled situations.


Age Group: 3 years to 7 years

Duration: 17th April to 30th April

Timing: 10am to 12noon
Contact Person
Priyanka # 9820120391

Greenfields Pre-Primary School,
NS Road No 4, JVPD Scheme.
Level 3        "LINGUISTS"        5years +
    Introduction consonants & vowels sound
           Proper pronunciation of letters
                Multiple sounds of vowels
                       Phonic Word Builder
                            Blending Words
              Identifying sounds in words
                            Sight Words
      Word formation using phonic rules
               Learning letter formation
               Loads of phonic activities
           Games and Songs using phonics
Level 2        "LEARNERS"        4years +
          Proper pronunciation of letters
                      Picture VS Sounds
              Identifying sounds in words
                          Sight words
                    Letter Confusion
                Vowels & their sounds
   Loads of fun activities with letters & their                             sounds
Level 1        "LISTENERS "       3years +
        Introduction to letter and their sounds
               Proper pronunciation of letters
                  Games with letter sounds
                  Poems with letter sounds
                  Songs with letter sounds
   Loads of fun activities with letters & their                                 sounds
                Learning letter formation
           (how to form and write letters)